If you’re reading this you’re on a device — a laptop, iPad or a cellphone.

The world is such that you can’t do anything without being connected, going online or downloading the app to begin with. That means, you have to have a cellphone, iPad, tablet or even a second…

Every now and then you tell yourself you need to start showing up in your own life and decide it’s time to get healthy, do a better at job at work, practice patience, finally start saving, get more organized, be a better friend and drop those bad habits.

After 10…

Small Steps to Big Changes

How easy it is to look at your friend and let them know that you accept them completely, just as they are, flaws and all.

You look past their mistakes and failures.

Why do you never do that for yourself?

Why are you so hard…

1. Find it — Overwhelming emotions can often make you feel like a mess. So in order to deal with the mess, you have to find it first. Use your senses, scan your body from head to toe and locate the emotions. Ask yourself where you feel this emotion. Head…

Moods can be difficult to understand especially when it happens as often as it does, as quickly as it does but you can choose to meet them better with openness and awareness.

Accept it -

If you are or have been a client of mine, or even kept up with…


I speak. I write. I coach.

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