So you know what you want and how big you want to go. You can feel that big dream for your life and know with every fibre of your being that you’re going to have it. OH YES!!!!

Now what?

Knowing what you want is one thing but knowing how to get there and doing what needs to be done to get there is something else, entirely.

The tiny details that go into changing ones life in areas such as health, relationships, business or getting off an addiction like smoking or sugar there are 3 main points that I find are important and very effective. These are:

  • Intentions
  • Thoughts
  • Growth.

Lets start with Intentions — Your intentions for doing anything are something to pay careful attention to because it sets the tone for the change you’re working towards. Making clear intentions about what it is that you want, the outcome you desire or the experience you want makes keeping your eyes on the prize a whole lot easier because YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT.

Clear intentions are like deciding where you want to go. Everything else is just finding a route to get there. You wouldn’t hop on a plane or catch a train (even spontaneously) if you didn’t know where it stops, right?

Making an intention means you’ve decided to make some changes and some might be less scary than others but that is where the growth is. To experience growth and development in the various areas of life demands stepping out of your comfort zone by taking risks, chances and opportunities when they present themselves.

Another way of looking at it is asking yourself “what if”? A lot of people wouldn’t even attempt day dreaming about the infinite possibilities that await in stepping out of their comfort zone because even in their imagination they’re seeing, experiencing and believing a series of unfortunate events. Don’t haunt yourself by the “what if’s”. Instead, delight yourself by it.

Thoughts — Your intentions must be positive and what you think about regarding your intentions must resonate with each other. If your intention is to open up yourself to love and romance and relationships after a terrible heartbreak make sure your thoughts aren’t coming from your past experiences. You will notice this when an opportunity comes around and the first thing to run through your mind is a negative judgement on the collective male specie after one of them left you in tears.

Let go of the past. Including the people there. Be here and now. Be open to meeting new people, enjoying the Friday night dates and even consider going to places you’ve never been. Talk about stepping out of a comfort zone!

Growth — The decision to make changes in ones life comes from an underlying need for growth, expression and expansion. Whatever is presented to you in life is never to frustrate you or cause a war with yourself and others or even to weight you down further in debt. It’s about your perspective.

Growth is rising to the occasion. By this I mean, raise your awareness of how you take in the world around you. Always look for the good in everything and everyone. If you can’t see it it’s probably because you look at the bad, low and downside of it all. Look for the good, the great and the best and you will see a whole new world.

What I share with you comes from the heart and all for the sake of helping and healing♥